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Delphi Internal Heat Exchanger
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Delphi Internal Heat Exchanger

The Delphi Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) is part of a vehicle\'s air conditioning system and helps to increase its cooling capacity. The Delphi IHX combines portions of the system\'s suction and liquid lines. It uses the cold vapor from the evaporator to cool the hot liquid before it enters the expansion device, resulting in increased cooling. The amount of energy used by the air conditioning system can be reduced by taking advantage of the increased cooling.The flexibility of the Delphi design provides several packaging options, depending on the customer application needs. For example, it can be produced with block type fittings that enable it to be installed by an OEM. It can also be produced with couplers that enable an air conditioning line supplier to braze it directly to the air conditioning line set. Delphi engineers can also create custom designs for unique applications to meet specific customer requirements.