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Charge Air Coolers
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Charge Air Coolers

In turbocharged engine applications, the air used for the engine combustion is compressed in order to increase its density. The thermodynamic effect of this compression is a temperature increase up to 220°C. Delphi Charge Air Coolers (CAC) are designed to cool this air to further improve its density allowing more air mass flow to the engine. Ultimately, this makes the combustion more efficient resulting in better engine performance and lower exhaust emissions.

This new generation of Charge Air Coolers has been developed to meet challenging performance requirements, driven by powertrain performance and emission targets, in a very compact package to satisfy pedestrian protection regulations. Delphi also offers various material options to meet severe operating temperatures for high performance applications.

Thanks to its global footprint, Delphi is able to support the growing Charge Air Cooler demand in all regions of the world. Delphi\'s portfolio includes a broad selection of Charge Air Coolers with different core depths.