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Delphi Evaporators
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Delphi Evaporators

Integral parts of any vehicle HVAC system, evaporators are designed to cool—and dehumidify—internal and/or external air in order to provide comfort to vehicle occupants. Delphi\'s Evaporators are extremely efficient, yielding exceptional heat transfer per unit of weight. With low air side and refrigerant pressure drop and high heat transfer characteristics, Delphi\'s Evaporators offer exceptional performance.A variety of plumbing and connection options are available, further enhancing flexibility.All Delphi Evaporators feature patented moisture management technology to help minimize retained moisture on the core and associated odors. This technology also eliminates condensate droplets from entering the air stream enabling compact module designs.Their special aluminum alloy construction helps protect the evaporators from corrosion caused by acid rain condensation and other corrosive elements. This construction eliminates the need for any coating, and allows the evaporators to meet global environmental regulatory requirements.